Vizit (Vizit)

SharePoint web part for viewing, indexing, annotating, marking up, scanning, searching, re-arranging or deleting documents from an integrated interface.


Vizit Essential builds on Vizits legacy as the fastest and most efficient file preview and viewing solution available for Microsoft SharePoint. Vizit Essential offers cutting edge search, collaboration, workflow and third party integrations. Vizit Essential greatly improves SharePoint 2013 usability by extending the platforms preview and viewing capabilities with important formats including Office, PDF, Email, TIF, DWG and many others.

Current Features:

  • Enhance SharePoint Search Results: A visual cue next to SharePoint search results dramatically increases the probability the user will chose the right result the first time. Vizit adds thumbnail previews to SharePoint 2010 search results and fills the gaps in SharePoint 2013 hover panel previews by extending previews to include hundreds of file types including PDF, TIF, and Email, and DWG file formats.
  • Vizit with SharePoint: Vizit eliminates clicking and waiting for SharePoint documents to download and applications to launch. Vizit places thumbnail previews beside SharePoint 2010 library items enabling the user to quickly choose the right one. The Vizit viewer provides SharePoint 2013 and 2010 users a quick method for opening documents for review or to ensure they have selected the right one before taking the next action.
  • Edit Properties: Vizit automatically retrieves SharePoint columns from your library and makes adding meta-data easy by enabling viewing while the user is indexing the document.
  • PDF Bookmarks: A slide-out panel enables users to navigate PDF documents using existing bookmarks. Support of PDF bookmarks adds method for users to navigate directly to what the user seeks in SharePoint files.
  • Email Attachments: Vizit provides users a quick method for viewing emails (supports .msg, .eml, .emlx file types) and their associated attachments in SharePoint. A slide-out panel provides a thumbnail preview of all email attachments and they can be opened by simply clicking on the first page preview.
  • In-Document Search: From a search result Vizit automatically carries SharePoint search terms into files and keyword searches the content. Users can also adhoc search document contents to find the passage or exhibit they seek.
  • Share Clips: Vizit provide a simple method for bookmarking key locations of important passages and exhibits within SharePoint files. Vizit everywhere enables users to surface bookmarked exhibits and passages in any SharePoint collaboration work-space.
  • Interactive Conversations: 67% of SharePoint users constantly or frequently attach SharePoint documents to emails bypassing all content security and management. Vizit provides a method for highlighting key exhibits and passages and having conversations right within the document without the content ever leaving the control of SharePoint.
  • Capture Comments in SharePoint Document Review Workflows: Vizit adds two new content types to assist developers in creating SharePoint document review workflows: Request-Feedback-Task, and Provide-Feedback-Task. These two SharePoint content types do exactly what their names imply and make setting up SharePoint document workflows easy.

Product Features


  • Integrated Document Viewer
    Vizit SP, the SharePoint Document Viewer, enhances your document management experience. With Vizit SP you can view, index, annotate & markup, scan new documents, re-arrange or delete pages and run SharePoint column searches all in one single integrated and intuitive web-based interface. Vizit SP brings powerful document imaging functionality to your SharePoint solution, replacing costly traditional enterprise content management (ECM) software at an affordable price.
  • Multiple Document Formats
    Vizit SP works with your documents. Vizit SP has fast native support for viewing and processing TIFFs , PDFs, PNG, JPEG, Word, PowerPoint , PNG, PSD, DICOM and several other image formats. Vizit SP now adds in support for a rendition service that allows Vizit SP to view over 200 different document formats quickly and easily.
  • Document Viewing at High Speeds
    Vizit SP uses Atalasofts battle tested Tile On-Demand streaming technology for viewing documents fast and efficiently. It is designed to work when users are in the field or in areas with limited bandwidth.
  • Collaboration with Annotations & Markups
    Document review and collaboration is an important part of many organizations. Workers need to view, markup, and comment on many different document format quickly. Having a single integrated user interface that provides annotation and markup capabilities speeds the review cycles. Users enter comments on documents without needing the software that created them.
    Vizit SP tracks document creation - the user and modification dates - and stores annotations separately from the document, so adding annotations does not modify the original document.
  • Integrated SharePoint List Search
    Search is an important part of any SharePoint ECM or SharePoint installation. Finding the information you need quickly directly increases productivity and Vizit SP dramatically enhances the SharePoint search usability.
    Vizit SP adds its fast document preview technology right into the standard SharePoint search results allowing user to quickly view the documents in the search, enabling visual search. Making it easier and faster to find to exactly the document you need.
    Vizit SP also adds the ability to perform Sharepoint list searches easily without any configuration. With the new SharePoint list search feature, Vizit SP enables searching multiple fields with AND and OR operators, date ranges, with sortable search results.
  • Side-by-Side Document Comparison
    In many organizations the need to review documents at one time is required. With Vizit SP this can be done easily with two simple clicks. If you are in an accounts payable department and you need to compare the Purchase Order to the corresponding Invoice, Vizit SP will put the documents you select next to each other.
    Vizit SP even lets synchronize your navigation through each document - zooming into one document at the same time as another.
  • Scanning for Everyone
    Vizit SP Scanning Module makes scanning to SharePoint as easy as uploading a document to SharePoint. Built right into the document library upload interface, everyone in the organization can now have the ability to scan documents into SharePoint with an attached desktop or networked scanner.
    The Vizit SP Scanning Module is requires no configuration and leverages your existing investment in desktop or networked scanners. There is no per page costs and like Vizit SP, it is extremely easy to learn and use.
  • Drag & Drop Thumbnails to Delete and Re-Arrange Pages
    Vizit SP allows users to edit documents by simply dragging and dropping pages. Vizit SP makes it easy to make spot corrections and even delete pages without having to download the client system. All changes are done on SharePoint and once the document is saved Vizit SP inteacts with SharePoint's version control feature giving users the choices they need to save and publish the document correctly.
  • Fast Document Previews
    The document previewer provides fast thumbnails views of any document regardless of size. This eliminates the need to download the full document and open it in a separate application. The previewer integrates will all document libraries and SharePoint lists where documents are stored.
    The preview also integrates with SharePoint Search results, so you can easily find the document you need by previewing it right in the search results.

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System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • IE 6, 7, 8; Firefox 1.5, 2.0, 3.0; Safari; Chrome

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