LEADTOOLS Document Imaging

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging (LEAD Technologies)

An SDK to add document imaging technology to desktop and web applications. Annotations, OCR, OMR, ICR and document clean-up.


LEADTOOLS Document Imaging develops document imaging applications.It provides comprehensive image annotation, specialised bitonal image display such as scale-to-gray and favour-black, and specialised bitonal image processing. Performance and memory optimisations for bitonal images, document image clean-up including inverted text, border, hole-punch and line removal, and scanning with LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN and WIA.

Key Features

  • The LEADTOOLS Document Readers allow reading images, thumbnails, text and metadata from any supported document format using a uniform set of methods and properties, regardless of the document type.
  • The high level LEADTOOLS Document Readers interface can be used to create feature-rich document viewing applications with zoom, smooth scrolling, thumbnails, metadata and text search without the need to know any specifics about the format being used.
  • PDF reading and viewing with advanced capabilities such as support for extraction of text, hyperlinks, bookmarks and metadata, enabling enhanced applications with dynamic document viewing.
  • Full support for reading, displaying, editing and writing native PDF Annotations and drawing markup.
  • Convert PDF annotations to and from LEADTOOLS annotations for live editing support.
  • Universal design that works across all development platforms and interfaces.
  • A "smart auto-preprocessing" function that detects the barcode type and then applies different preprocessing algorithms for optimal results
  • For development of Windows applications and includes native 32 and 64 bit imaging binaries.
  • Add document imaging technology to single and multi-threaded applications.
  • Development tools and components for Win Forms, Web Forms, WPF, C and C++ development.
  • Includes many broad and functionally specific demo projects with source code for C, Visual C++ (MFC), VB.NET and C#.
  • Imaging technology available as WCF services.
  • Imaging technology available as WF activities.
  • Documentation includes sample source code for every function, method, property and event.
  • Free technical support is available to customers and developers evaluating LEADTOOLS.

The following add-on modules and plug-ins may be added to LEADTOOLS Document Imaging to add even more imaging technology.

  • Virtual Printer SDK Modul
  • Advantage OCR SDK Module
  • Plus OCR SDK Module
  • Professional OCR SDK Module
  • Arabic OCR SDK Module
  • PDF OCR SDK Plug-in
  • OMR SDK Module
  • 1D Barcode SDK Module
  • 2D Barcode SDK Module
  • Raster PDF Read SDK Plug in
  • Raster PDF Write SDK Plug in
  • Plus ICR SDK Module
  • Professional ICR SDK Module

Product Features

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging toolkits include comprehensive annotations, specialized bitonal image display and processing, image clean-up, high-speed scanning, OCR/ICR/OMR (character, hand-print and form processing), barcode recognition and much more. LEADTOOLS' Document Imaging product line builds from LEADTOOLS' Raster Imaging technology to add features specifically for black and white imaging with the best possible performance.

LEAD Technologies provides two document imaging SDKs and several plug-ins for your document imaging development.

Developer Toolkits

  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK: Includes everything you need to create high performance applications specifically for the document imaging vertical market. Includes Win32 API, C++ Class Libraries and .NET Class Libraries.
  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite SDK: LEADTOOLS Document Imaging toolkit with OCR support. Includes Win32 API, C++ Class Libraries and .NET Class Libraries.

Summary of LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Technology
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging: specialized technology optimized for use with bitonal (2-color or black/white) images such as scanned text documents, line art or technical drawings. Includes Annotations (document mark-up), high-speed scanning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR***, OMR*** and Barcode Recognition**.

LEAD's Document Imaging functionality includes:

  • Document Clean-up - Removal of unwanted elements of scanned documents, including:
    • Border removal
    • Dot removal
    • Hole-punch removal
    • Line removal
    • Smoothing
    • Text inversion
    • Specialized Bitonal Filters - specialized image processing filters, including despeckle (remove noise), deskew (rotate to align with horizontal), erosion (thin), dilation (widen) and specialized display filters including favor black (don't lose black pixels when scaling) and scale to gray (blend black and white pixels when scaling), which allow you to enhance bitonal images.
  • Annotations - Document Markup including the following types of fully automated annotations:
    • Line
    • Rectangle
    • Ellipse
    • Polyline
    • Polygon
    • Curve
    • Closed Curve
    • Pointer / Arrow
    • Freehand Scribble
    • Text
    • Rich Text
    • Text with Pointer
    • Note
    • Stamp
    • Rubberstamp
    • Hotspot
    • Freehand Hotspot
    • Button
    • Point
    • Highlight
    • Pushpin
    • Ruler
    • PolyRuler
    • Protractor
    • Cross Product
    • Redact / Blackout
    • Encrypt / Decrypt
    • Audio
    • Video (capture and playback)
    • User Definable
    Annotations include design/run/disable modes, right-click context menus, automatic annotations toolbar, multilayer security features and much more.
  • OCR * - Optical Character Recognition. LEADTOOLS includes the following functionality:
    • Manage multiple pages of a document at one time where the different pages are in different stages of processing (segmentation vs. recognition), and you can recognize all document pages at once.
    • Recognize a document page(s) and export text in raw format or a ScanSoft defined mark-up language format (XDoc/XDoc Lite), the raw formats include ISO and UNICODE.
    • Automatically segment the page to correctly recognize text on pages with complex or irregular layouts, including tables, reverse video, and line art as well.
    • Process both text and graphics, providing the basis of a compound document processing system.
    • Process documents in two-page mode for open-faced books and magazines.
    • Documents with multiple languages.
    • Enable end users to verify or correct text during the recognition process.
    • Automatically detect fax, dot matrix and other degraded documents and compensate accordingly,
    • Process images from newspapers with special image processing designed for newsprint.
  • OMR *** - Process forms with checks or bubble sheets, etc... An OCR Module add-on.
  • ICR *** - Recognize hand-written text, forms and documents. An OCR Module add-on.
  • High Performance Memory Optimizations - Documents scanned at high dpi can take up huge amounts of memory when uncompressed. LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Engine stores 1-bit and 24 bit images compressed in memory, uncompressing portions as needed for display and processing, enhancing real-time performance. Additionally, large images that need to be loaded for viewing can be resized to greatly reduce the memory overhead of keeping the extra image data in memory.
  • TWAIN Scanning - Control scanning and capture devices that use readily available TWAIN drivers.
  • JBIG - JBIG progressive image compression/decompression capabilities.
  • Mixed Raster Content - Provides optimal compression for documents that have both text and color images in the same file.
  • Barcode Recognition **** - Add-on support for reading and writing Linear (1D), DataMatrix (2D), PDF417 (2D) and QR (2D) barcodes.
  • ABIC - Read and write ABIC files to compress check images.
  • JBIG2 - Read and write files with JBIG2 compression.
  • LEADTOOLS ABC ** - Advanced Bitonal Compression is an add-on module for reading and writing LEAD's proprietary ABC Compression.


* OCR available with Document Imaging Suite or for purchase as an add-on to the Document Imaging, Medical Imaging and Medical Imaging Suite.

** Available for purchase as add-ons to any LEADTOOLS Document or LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging toolkit.

*** ICR and OMR are available as add-ons to the LEADTOOLS OCR module or the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite.

****Barcode Modues add on to all Raster, Document, Medical and Vector toolkits.

Changes in LEADTOOLS Document Imaging version 16

  • Now includes ABC Save
  • Can add New LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition Module
  • Can add adding New LEADTOOLS JPIP Module
  • Can add New Plus and Professional OCR, OMR and ICR Modules

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