GridPro (SyferLock Technology)

GridPro offers enterprises a solution for personal computers and tablets leveraging Microsofts Windows operating system platform.


The GridPro solution consists of a log-in application, replacing the standard Windows log-in, that presents the user with a software-based grid for secure, multi-factor authentication.

The first time the user accesses the system (or any time the user changes their password), they will be prompted to pick a target corner along with the password. On subsequent log-ins, the user will, using SyferLock’s one-time password methodology, input the numbers corresponding to their pre-selected corner position in place of associated static password characters as their one-time password.

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GridPro benefits:

  • Strengthens Existing Password: GridPro is based on user's Active Directory password; it simply strengthens the password without requiring hard tokens or supplemental PINs.
  • Protection Against Attack Vectors: Using SyferLock's patented methodology, the user enters their one-time-password known as the GridCode instead of their static network password. By eliminating the need to enter the user's static Active Directory password, GridPro provides protection against attack vectors like key loggers and shoulder surfers.
  • No Connectivity Required: GridPro does not require any connectivity for the log-in to succeed. In offline mode, the user is authenticated against cached credentials.
  • Console & RDP Access: GridPro protects the machine both via native console access and RDP access.
  • Multi-User Support: With GridPro multiple users can log-on to the same machine with their own credentials.


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