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KWizCom Forms

KWizCom Forms (KwizCom)

Web form capabilities using WSS and MOSS that include a server-side event handler that can prevent users from updating fields that are defined as hidden or disabled and for defining access permissions to list views.

Inspired BizPortal

Inspired BizPortal (Inspired)

Collaboration product built on an existing Microsoft SharePoint licence to improve overall efficiency. It can be installed, customised and deployed to users within three days and includes search, document management and departmental portals.

DataParts for SharePoint

DataParts For SharePoint (Software FX)

Provides tools for moving data from the backend and creating usable information dashboards using SharePoint. It enhances SharePoint portals by providing web parts that facilitate data visualisation and analysis.

Suitcase Fusion 8

Suitcase Fusion 8 (Extensis)

Suitcase Fusion is the industrial-strength font management application for all creative professionals.

activePDF Toolkit Expansion Pack

ActivePDF Toolkit Expansion Pack (activePDF)

Toolkit Expansion Pack is part of the DocGenius family of products, comprised of ActivePDF’s Rasterizer, Xtractor and Spooler products.


WinGate (QBIK)

A integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the control, security and email.


PDFMailer (Gotomaxx)

Automate the creation and e-mailing of PDF documents whilst retaining the original look and layout. It is available in Standard, Professional and Professional Server Editions.

GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials (GFI)

An anti-spam solution which provides two anti-spam engines to ensure a high spam capture rate with minimal configuration.

Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange

Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange (Symantec)

Protect against malware, phishing and targeted attacks, blocking 99% of spam with less than one in 1 million false positives.

Pragma FortressSSH

Pragma FortressSSH (Pragma Systems)

Security framework for enterprise users. Cryptography and high encryption are used to secure channels over which communication between servers and clients take place.


CuteFTP (Globalscape)

Transfer files across the internet using tools for publishing a web page, downloading the latest digital music and software or transferring high-volume files between offices. Files are transferred securely using client/server authentication.

VShell Server

VShell Server (VanDyke Software)

Secure alternative to Telnet and FTP for data transfer. Provides strong encryption, authentication and data integrity on Microsoft Windows and Unix platforms. Includes precision control over privileges and the secure shell environment.


WS_FTP (Ipswitch)

Suite of secure file transfer servers that enables 256-bit AES transport encryption over SSH and SSL protocols and available in Server and Professional Editions.


MOVEit (Ipswitch)

Secure enterprise data transfer server with end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage of data and files that moves files on a scheduled, automated, firewall-friendly basis.

EFT Express

EFT Express (Globalscape)

Secure FTP server incorporating multiple protocols, secure access, and flexible authentication.

EFT Enterprise

EFT Enterprise (Globalscape)

Enterprise-grade secure FTP server with AS2, OpenPGP encryption and HTTPS and SSH protocols that incorporates advanced event-based automation and programming capabilities.

OpenText Exceed

OpenText Exceed (OpenText)

PC X server that enables users to access UNIX and Linux-based Microsoft Windows applications from Windows desktops. It is certified for Microsoft Windows Vista and includes a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module.

OpenText NFS

OpenText NFS (OpenText)

Solo and Client products enable Microsoft Windows users to access UNIX file and printer resources; the Server product enables NFS-enabled devices to access Microsoft Windows file resources.

Altova SchemaAgent

Altova SchemaAgent (Altova)

Tool for analysing and managing relationships among XML Schemas, XML instance documents, XSLT files and WSDL files and for viewing files used in Altova MapForce data mapping projects.

XF Rendering Server

XF Rendering Server (Ecrion Software)

Family of products that automates the creation of electronic documents containing charts and graphs by generating them dynamically from XML.

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (Ipswitch)

Communication suite providing e-mail and real-time collaboration, calendar and contact list sharing and protection from spam and viruses for small and medium sized businesses.

Navicat for SQL Server

Navicat For SQL Server (PremiumSoft CyberTech)

Database administration and development tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 R2 including support for trigger, function and view. It runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

EZManage SQL

EZManage SQL (DBA Services)

Centralised administration of databases across multiple servers running Microsoft SQL and available in Standard, Backup and Professional Editions. Select a full or point in time restoration via a graphical interface.

SQL Data Generator

SQL Data Generator (Red Gate)

Test databases and comply with privacy legislation that prohibits the sharing of live, sensitive data.

SQL Monitor

SQL Monitor (Red Gate)

SQL server monitoring and alerting tool that provides alerts and recommendations via an intuitive interface and e-mail.

Altova FlowForce Server

Altova FlowForce Server (Altova)

FlowForce Server automates data transformations, report and document generation, and other tasks on dedicated servers, virtual machines, or workstations scaled for the scope of the project.

PitStop Server

PitStop Server (Enfocus)

High-volume PDF workflow tool using watched folder architecture for automating the inspection and correction of PDF files.

Recognition Server

Recognition Server (ABBYY)

Server-based solution for medium to high volume document processing across large departments and enterprises that can be deployed as a standalone program and an integral part of a third-party system such as DMS, RMS and electronic archiving systems.

Neevia docuPrinter Terminal Server Edition

Neevia DocuPrinter Terminal Server Edition (Neevia Technology)

Printer driver adapted for use in a multi-user Windows Terminal Server (Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008) and Citrix MetaFrame environment.

Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server

Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server (Mapsoft Computer Services)

Server-based automation tool - automate your Mapsoft plug ins.

ORF Fusion

ORF Fusion (Vamsoft Kft)

A server-side spam filter software for Microsoft Exchange Server.

AVG File Server Edition

AVG File Server Edition (AVG Technologies)

Security protection for Microsoft Windows servers against worms, trojans, spyware and adware for any file server and a high-performance virus scanner providing protection without interrupting business.

Security Explorer

Security Explorer (ScriptLogic)

Simplifies the management of NTFS file and folder security, file sharing, services, printer access, registry security and scheduled tasks ensuring that access to privileged information is restricted on Microsoft Windows servers and workstations

Secuware C2K

Secuware C2K (Secuware S.L.)

Critical data providing Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) that accepts digital certificates, smart cards or USB tokens as valid user identification. If no acceptable identification is supplied, the boot process is terminated.

Softalk Collaboration Suite

Softalk Collaboration Suite (Gordano)

Office messaging and collaboration product that incorporates the Softalk Mail Server, WorkgroupShare and Softalk Organizer products to create an integrated alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Snap Deploy

Snap Deploy (Acronis Software)

Comprehensive deployment solution that enables organisations to deploy new PCs and servers that uses disk-imaging technology to create an image of an entire hard disk drive, including the operating system and all applications.