About QBS Distribution

When QBS opened for business in the late 1980s, we did everything from programming, software publishing, software provision to consultancy and training. Thirty years ago, software ran typically on minicomputers or fast-growing PC platforms, typically running DOS variants. We supplied software mainly to independent programmers working within these environments. Then the company started to receive orders from other software resellers. With our easy-to-use purchasing system, orders came flooding in. Over the years, distinct trading divisions emerged to address distinct business activities; thus began the era of QBS Direct, QBS Distribution and QBS Publishing.

QBS Direct remains our heritage business for direct end users; QBS Distribution services the wider channel of both fellow distributors and resellers; and QBS Publishing, our own software tools division comprising products which have been acquired by us or wholly developed in-house.

Once Windows-based PC systems dominated IT worldwide, QBS involved itself in everything from consultancy, training, programming, software supply and software publishing for the rapidly flourishing computer programmer community.

Our Publishing division, encouraged by our simple marketing approach, also flourished. We built a reputation – today as strong as ever – of expertise in both sourcing and selling niche items, or ‘weird-ware’, as some like to call it.

Representing 6000+ global software publishers across EMEA

The rise of QBS Publishing

It all began many years ago, when a customer asked for a Postscript library for Clipper, having been let down by a US publisher. Writing and supplying the customer with our own product – which we named Scripton – we quickly sold over 350 furthe copies in three months!

Having acted as QuSoft’s worldwide distributor for Quickreport for over a decade, QBS purchased all rights to Quickreport, before taking over the development, technical support and all commercial activities pertaining.

When QRDesign decided to leave the market, it was acquired by QBS. The amalgamation of QRDesign and Quickreport helped turn it into the leading product it is today.

QBS also distributes Delux software, a source code translator published by QBS Software Ltd.

QBS is actively interested in acquiring the rights from software publishers who wish to leave the merchandising of their product to seasoned professionals.<.p>

We make IT happen

Established in 1987 to provide consultancy and programming to the Clipper marketplace, QBS Software has expanded to become a leading software provider in Europe.

Over the years we found ourselves supplying thousands of products to developers, designers, IT Managers, Network Administrators and other IT professionals. QBS became further specialised in security, reporting, installation, web, database and system tools. Today, QBS works closely with industry-leading publishers, helping them fully to realise and often exceed their business objectives. QBS has a loyal customer base that dates back to 1980s: we have grown our businesses together!

We deliver

We are a trusted EMEA value added distributor (VAD) for a growing portfolio of up-and-coming, niche and esoteric technologies that support your customers’ businesses.

Furthermore, we are long-standing licensing specialists and Software Asset Management (SAM) experts for market-leading software vendors.

From the beginning, we have grown steadily through our close publisher relationships. We employ experienced, knowledgeable and accredited sales and technical teams that deliver results.

We provide an effective, tailored software procurement service with access to over 6000 publishers through a single supplier. This will help to reduce time, administration and costs while improving service levels.

In-house Expertise

At QBS we believe that the right blend of services complements your offering to give the best to your customer while building your reputation.

We employ a trusted and experienced network of experts who can assist you to successfully implement your products and solutions.

In-house expertise here coupled with an extensive QBS network of accredited IT professionals ensure that you can assist your customers but under your brand.

We also provide a specialist software sourcing service for obscure and often difficult-to-find products.

Essentially, if you’re looking for an expert, then contact us first: we can help!