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MapInfo MapXtreme  by Pitney Bowes

MapXtreme’s powerful spatial capabilities are geared toward solving real business problems, with a powerful, user-friendly feature set. Flexible deployment options of this location intelligence developer tool include both desktop and web from a single SDK.

Key Features


Rich GIS functionality

  • Embed map visualisation and analysis in business applications
  • Multiple ready to use map tools including pan, zoom, centre map, selections and more
  • Manage data using Read/Write Feature data access using MI SQL (SQL 92 MM)
  • Deliver geometry processing and measurements
  • Manipulate and analyse raster and grid data including reprojection, interpolations, inflection points and hill shade support
  • Consume interoperable OGC WMS & WFS services using MapXtreme for .Net OGC clients
  • Ready-to-use controls including map, layer, legend, table info and more

Strong Microsoft .Net alignment

  • 100% .Net Object Model
  • Support for WinForms and WPF integration
  • Visual GIS functionality available as ready-to-use Windows Controls
  • Support for spatial data access in familiar ADO.Net

Rapid .Net development

  • Full integration with Visual Studio.NET development environment
  • Visual development with design time support enabling rapid application development
  • Pre-defined map templates and sample applications to facilitate rapid application development
  • Use any .NET language of choice making efficient use of your organization’s IT skills
  • Full documentation and sample code for C# and VB.Net

Single SDK for desktop and server

  • Consistent desktop and server web development experience
  • Common engine for desktop and server editions
  • Single SDK product for the development of both web and desktop applications
  • Efficient sharing and re-use of code and knowledge between deployment types
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