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Infragistics Ultimate  by Infragistics

A feature-complete UX and UI software development suite for building stunning, interactive user interfaces in web, desktop, cross-platform and mobile application development. Infragistics Ultimate includes advanced controls to build user interface and data visualisation applications. It also includes Indigo Studio, a rapid prototyping tool which enables you to see your application without writing a single line of code. Developers can create high performance, robust, stable solutions across browsers, platforms and devices. An annual subscription is provided for developer support, source code, updates, upgrades, documentation and samples.

What's New?

  • Revolutionary Productivity Tools for Xamarin and Modern Web: Automate and streamline your coding with the Productivity Pack. Includes an Application Map, NuGet-powered Xamarin.Forms Toolbox, and several Control Configurators.
  • Responsive Schedule Control for Xamarin and JavaScript: Schedule appointments and manage associated resources with the new Schedule control in Ultimate UI for Xamarin and Ignite UI for JavaScript. Includes month and agenda views and support for recurring appointments.
  • Real-time Usability Analytics with Video Recording: Remote usability tests in Indigo Studio now feature full-screen recordings with optional voice and camera input. Pair with a detailed click-map view to ensure your prototype translates into a well-designed app.
  • Updated Grid in Ignite UI for JavaScript: Advanced filtering, grouping, and caption templating features enhance the fastest JavaScript grid available on the market. A new power search feature helps users find their data quickly.
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